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Tianchen Innovation Material Technology Co., Ltd. uses nanotechnology to
Successfully developed a variety of two-dimensional materials (Graphene, MOS2, WS2, AgNWs...)
And combine two-dimensional materials with other nano and polymer materials to apply thermal, electrical, and semiconductor materials


Positive/negative material additives, super capacitors, solar cells, touch screens, conductive coating additives, biosensors, smart clothes, smart homes, aviation materials, antistatic epoxy coatings, etc.

Heat conduction

LED lighting backlight heat dissipation, computer CPU chip heat sink, satellite circuit, smart phone, tablet computer and other high-power, high-performance system heat dissipation requirements, building materials, smart home.

Mechanical properties

Building materials concrete seismic applications, rubber/plastic material strength enhancement, flexible display screens, aerospace, fiber composite materials, parachutes, automotive parts, automotive tires, lubricant additives


Base anticorrosive coatings, building materials anticorrosive coatings, medical equipment, electronics and nuclear industry coatings, shipbuilding primer coatings, etc., special coatings for aerospace and defense.

Catalyst carrier

Sea water purification, wastewater specific heavy metal adsorption and filtration, adsorption of organic pollutants, biological inspection samples, rubber/plastic additives, optimization of pesticide and fertilizer benefits, etc.

Carbon is one of the important elements in the composition of all things in nature, and it is also an important element in the composition of organisms.

Carbon will exist as allotropes of various mixed orbitals (sp, sp2, sp3),

And different forms also constitute different physical and chemical properties.

Carbon exists in the form of zero-dimensional fullerene (Fullerene), one-dimensional carbon nanotube (Carbon nanotube),

Two-dimensional graphene (Geaphene) and three-dimensional graphite and diamond,

Graphene is a basic unit composed of carbon crystals other than diamond.

Fullerene is a spherical structure composed of sixty carbon atoms with 12 pentagonal inlays; carbon nanotubes are graphene rolled into a tubular structure;

Graphite is layered by stacking layers of graphene. Graphene,

Also known as single-layer graphite, it is only one carbon atom thick in size,

And it is a single-layer two-dimensional planar film arranged by a hexagonal honeycomb lattice composed of sp2 hybrid orbitals.

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Graphene powder
Graphene Powder

Graphene powder
Graphene Powder

Graphene powder
Graphene Powder

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